JK Corporate Consultancy Limited

  • Accounting and Audit Services

    We provide monthly, quarterly and yearly accounting services and professional bookkeeping services. We offer reasonable price based on the number of transactions and turnover of the company. With our professional accounting team, we offer:

    - Record keeping

    - Preparation of financial statements for audit

    - Audit liaison and accounts finalization

  • Company Secretary

    According to Section 474 of Hong Kong Companies Ordinance (Cap.622), every company registered in Hong Kong should have a Company Secretary. Company Secretary may be one of the directors, an individual who ordinarily resides in Hong Kong or a corporate body that has its registered office or a place of business in Hong Kong.

    Roles of Company Secretary:

    - Change of directors

    - Transfer of shares

    - Allotment of shares

    - Organizing and witnessing meeting of directors and shareholders and prepare corresponding minutes

    - Renewal of Business Registration Certificate and filing of Annual Return

    - Alternation of director / registered office address / company name

    - Updating and keeping statutory records

    - Providing advisory services on Companies Ordinance

    - Preparing company stock to the shareholders

  • Hong Kong Company Formation

    Hong Kong is one of the leading international finance and business centers in the world. Setting up company in Hong Kong enjoys well-developed business infrastructure, attractive tax regime, highly educated working professionals, prime location near mainland China etc. There are two ways of forming a limited company in Hong Kong: by either setting up a brand new company or purchasing a ready-made company. We provide professional advice on structuring new business. Proper and fast documentation help speed up the process of setting up a company. Our services include:

    - Company name search

    - Certificate of Incorporation

    - Business Registration License

    - Articles of Association

    - Share certificate book

    - Company chop, authorized signature stamp and common seal

    - Green Box

  • Offshore Company Formation

    We provide company formation services not only in Hong Kong, but also in Anguilla, Bahamas, Belize, British Virgin Islands (“BVI”), Cayman Islands, Delaware, Mauritius, Samoa, Seychelles and Singapore.

    Anguilla provides instant incorporation 24/7 and electronic filing of statutory documentation, with tax neutral jurisdiction. Bahamas consists of excellent local infrastructure. Major offshore banking and trust center are available in the Caribbean. Belize is an independent country in Central America with English as official language with cost-effective incorporations. BVI is the leading offshore jurisdiction and enjoys high degree of market awareness and acceptability. Cayman Islands, the major offshore financial center in the Caribbean, consists of favored jurisdiction for investment business and mutual funds. Delaware provides excellent professional infrastructure and is the most popular US jurisdiction with user-friendly corporate laws and court system, as well as low start-up and maintenance costs. Mauritius, the gateway to Africa, offers GBC1 and GBC2 incorporations with extensive tax treaty network for GBC1 companies; tax exempt for GBC2 companies. Samoa offers efficient and cost effective incorporations and re-domiciliation with PRC embassy on location for convenient legalization. Company names and various documents are available in Chinese language. Seychelles has a growing popularity with its cost effective IBC incorporations and access to expanding network of tax treaties for Companies Special License (CSL) companies. Chinese characters are allowed in company names and PRC embassy is available. Singapore, a major international financial and trading center, offers efficient tax legislation and extensive tax treaty network including China. Our service package includes:

    - Certificate of Incorporation

    - Local registered address

    - Government first year license fee

    - Agent fees

    - Company policy

    - Company seal

    - Share certificate book

  • Taxation Compliance Services

    Appropriate tax planning and proper tax filing enable an enterprise to enhance tax efficiency. Our complete taxation compliance services include:

    - Act as tax representative

    - Liaise with relevant local authorities

    - Completion and filing of annual tax return - Completion and filing of employers’ return

    - Tax return deferral application

    - Completion of profit tax return and profit tax computation

    - Application for holdover of provisional tax, refunds etc.

    - Tax planning and advisory service

    - Objection to assessment

    - Submission of financial reports

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